Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My favorite 2011 Christmas picture & Hydrangea Wreath Update

Well here is Week 3 of my stitching on the Hydrangea Wreath project.  As a picture is worth a thousand words, there's not much to say!

Also, here is my favorite picture from Christmas 2011.

This is my niece on her new BMW!  Grandma & Grandpa actually purchased this shortly after her birth, but had to wait until she was old enough to manage it.  It was a huge hit! 

Pictures of Holiday Stitching!

Well I've finally taken pictures of the wall hanging I created for my niece's Christmas present.  The first picture is the stitching itself.  It was supposed to be 4 separate pieces that I decided to use together as a wall hanging.  The kits actually included small glass bead that should have been added to create a sparkly effect.  However, I stitched this on a set of scroll bars and I wouldn't have been able to keep the needed tension on the piece without smashing the beads when I scrolled from section to section.  I am going to do these again for myself and I think I'll stitch it on a set of stretcher bars so that I can do the beading before I pull it off to frame.  

 These last two pictures are the finished piece.  I used a really pretty paisley fabric for the backing that I then stitched over the front to add a bit of color.  I got the hanger from a UK company.  The manufacturer is Rico Designs and I couldn't find it anywhere here in the US.  I adore the light-weight quality of the hanger.  It seemed perfect for a little girl's room.  I'll keep their company in mind for any future wall hangings I stitch.

Up next is an update of my progress on the Hydrangea Wreath project.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Gift Stitching is finished!

I have no pictures to show today, but I'll take a few snaps in the morning.  I'm simply too tired to grab my phone and/or camera and so the project will wait another day.  It feels really good to have the stitching completed, however, I now have to try my hand at sewing it into a wall hanging.  I've selected a really nice piece of fabric for the backing.  Tomorrow morning I'll lug out the sewing machine and sew something just as fabulous as I (think I've) stitched.

I'm also excited to get back to my regularly scheduled stitching, which thankfully I don't have to stitch for hours each day, every day to finish.  I'm back to the Hydrangea Wreath and I feel that a 12 week timeframe is still perfectly good for it's completion target.

I also can't wait to get back to reading.  I've been listening to audiobooks (which I adore), but my Nook and my Kindle look really lonely sitting untouched on my bedside table.  I really love those things!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Time is slipping away...

I can't believe it.  Christmas Eve is only 10 days away.  I haven't spent any time on my favorite things besides the cross stitch project for my niece.  I've even been taking it with me to work so I can work on it during lunch.  I think I'll finish, but it'll be close.  I keep feeling like I really should have started it sooner.

When I'm finished, I'll be able to go back to a slower pace.  I already have 6 projects lined up for next year.  I really hope that I can finish them all during the next year.  I plan on starting (and hopefully finishing) the following projects:

This one, above, is for my mom.  Not only does she love cats, but when she goes out she gets a similar attitude upon returning home!
These two, above and below, are for me!  I love the one below as it involves no half stitches nor any back stitch.  Plus, I love the colors!

Who wouldn't have a great time playing Monopoly on this?

Just another pretty picture of flowers that would be great in my guest room!

This last one is for my Mother-In-Law.  She loves San Francisco and when I saw it, I just knew she'd love it!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hydrangea Wreath - Progress to Date

I started this project on Thanksgiving Day and then put it on hold until I finish my niece's Christmas present.  This represents two weeks of stitching for me.  I don't feel bad about it as I work full-time.  My plan is to use this as an insert for a tea tray.  I've already got the tea tray and can't wait to see it finished!  My goal for completion is 12 stitching weeks.