Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Gift Stitching is finished!

I have no pictures to show today, but I'll take a few snaps in the morning.  I'm simply too tired to grab my phone and/or camera and so the project will wait another day.  It feels really good to have the stitching completed, however, I now have to try my hand at sewing it into a wall hanging.  I've selected a really nice piece of fabric for the backing.  Tomorrow morning I'll lug out the sewing machine and sew something just as fabulous as I (think I've) stitched.

I'm also excited to get back to my regularly scheduled stitching, which thankfully I don't have to stitch for hours each day, every day to finish.  I'm back to the Hydrangea Wreath and I feel that a 12 week timeframe is still perfectly good for it's completion target.

I also can't wait to get back to reading.  I've been listening to audiobooks (which I adore), but my Nook and my Kindle look really lonely sitting untouched on my bedside table.  I really love those things!


  1. My Kobo (ereader)is sitting on my bedside table to untouched too

  2. I'm glad someone else understands how I feel, Tammy!